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Let there be light

Askdeco infuses light into the Paris of the Middle East.


With a global portfolio of completed projects including luxurious homes, private yachts and commercial environments, Askdeco, a full-service design firm based in Lebanon, is proud to showcase its Mallorca residential project in the heart of Beirut.

Located in one of Beirut’s most vibrant districts, Ashrafieh, Mallorca is a multi-level bachelor penthouse apartment that epitomizes the resurgent vibe of a city home to world-renowned fashion designers, art galleries, performing arts venues and trendy bistros and cafés.

“Mallorca is situated in a new building in Ashrafieh, a district known for its lively streets during the 1960s,” explains Nisrine Nasr, co-founder and interior designer at Askdeco. “For this project, we converted a small studio into a three-level penthouse, providing a very modern and efficient living space overlooking a historic district.”

Mallorca features 200m² of well-lit space, with modern lines and a very contemporary décor. Designed in spontaneous flow, the layout reflects functionality tailored to the client’s lifestyle needs.

From the onset, the client felt that the space might prove restrictive in terms of the functions and comfort he was seeking. However, in meeting with Askdeco, the designers addressed all aspects of functionality and the client proved very receptive to their proposal of opening up the space.

“We were able to analyze the client’s requirements accurately and we responded with functional and creative solutions that addressed them,” says Nasr. “A design concept can sometimes be difficult for a client to visualize, but seeing it all worked out on paper can bring a design scheme into focus and help the client to understand the direction that you are taking them in.”

Askdeco’s focus turned to creating a more open and light-filled space, which required architectural alterations to expand the size of its windows. They added floor-to-ceiling windows that increased light, offer 360° views overlooking the lively streets below and create a sense of more space.

At the core of Mallorca’s design is the intricacy of its winding staircase, a transitional space connecting all three levels of the panoramic penthouse. Its sculpted design and mutating mesh mirror handrail finish add artistic purpose to its functionality, creating a multi-dimensional centerpiece that blends outward with Mallorca’s panoramic spaces.

Set between two fully-glazed partitions, the staircase provides a sky-high illusion that further enhances the openness of the space. Askdeco also endeavored to reposition existing windows and doors to ensure greater sunlight exposure, while creative acoustics and lighting deliver a Zen ambiance that the client wholeheartedly embraced.

Mallorca’s inner beauty

Once Mallorca’s frame was opened up, the process began to design the spaces within the space, including stylings relating to colours and textures. Working closely with the client, Askdeco developed a mood board which helped the client to visualize colour themes and design goals that complemented his layout plans.

The result focused on neutral colors for Mallorca that blur the lines between its inner and outer beauty, incorporating Mediterranean grey-white marble walls and mute grey wood into an extroverted space that blends with its surroundings.

Adhering to the client’s plans, Askdeco also developed a masculine scheme featuring an abundance of metal finishes, while infusing some unique design elements in the master bedroom. Following the client’s lead, they installed a multipurpose sink with storage space right at the entrance, and a walk-in closet connecting the washroom with the bedroom.

“The clients always have something in mind, and our job is to work with them step-by-step to tie it all together,” explains Nasr. “If something they envision detracts from a space or decreases its volume, we try our best to change their minds with some innovative alternatives.”

Contemporary comfort

Entering Mallorca, the main floor includes a reception area and a well-lit kitchen. The reception area leads out to a small adjoining terrace, which the client considered to be unusable outdoor space. In response, Askdeco repurposed the space as a visual stimulant, adding trees that enhance the beauty of the client’s external views.

Mallorca’s middle level features a dining area and living room, where artwork by Ramon Aular frames the Mediterranean furnishings of designers such as Maxalto and Fornasetti. Master and guest bedrooms on the upper floor complete the space, with functional sub-spaces, including a contemporary vanity area furnished with Magis chair and Ciatti side table that features panoramic views of the city.

Imparting their detailed knowledge of ergonomics, spatial planning and creative arts, Askdeco provided the client with all of the necessary tools for ensuring an excellent design. Mallorca demonstrates an effective use of space that addresses the client’s well-being and functional requirements, while wrapping that comfort in elements of contemporary interior design.

Over the past 17 years, Askdeco has evolved from a boutique agency into a full-service interior design firm servicing a discerning, international clientele. Pioneers of bespoke design, Askdeco’s reputation for delivering unparalleled results has earned the firm global attention.

From luxurious homes, to private yachts and commercial environments, Askdeco is a turnkey design firm that attends to even the smallest of details, including assisting clients in choosing artwork, dinnerware and table accessories. Each project is developed from scratch, ensuring that the final product is personalized for the client and is devoid of any copy/paste techniques.

Askdeco employs 25 professional and experienced designers and administrative executives in its Beirut, Lebanon offices, providing detailing, diverse designs and advanced technology to improve the environments where people live, work, relax and socialize. The firm has completed projects around the globe, including in Paris, London, Geneva, Dubai, Riyad, Miami and Chicago.

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