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Luxe code is a luxury lifestyle magazine based in Mumbai, India. Luxe Code redefines the notion of luxury as an experience, replete with good quality and design.
Our monthly productions launched in October 2017. We are garnering interest and support from our readers and clients. Our readership comprises a curated list of art and design aficionados and the affluent, who seek information and inspiration for modern-day living.


Luxe Code is committed to examining art, design and the visual culture that informs and impacts us. We will explore modern living with ingenuity and curiosity through words, illustrations and images, and present insightful content that inspires, invigorates, and exhilarates.


Luxe Code aims to be the connoisseur of all unique and luxurious design, art and experience-related information and insight. Luxe Code hopes to enrich the lives of our readers through our content and design, and be a part of their lifestyle choices.

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