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Knowledge is Power

As we sit down to over cups of tea to discuss her life in her home in Mumbai, within minutes it becomes very apparent that, Dr. Rishma Pai, a foremost name in gynaecology in India, is a woman of substance. “I’ve spent most of life trying to make sure that information, the right information is spread to women and children, knowledge is power and making informed decisions surrounding healthcare is of utmost importance,” says Dr. Pai.

Dr Rishma Dhillon Pa, is the Present President for the year 2017-18 of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India FOGSI. This 62-year old charitable organization is one of the largest medical bodies in the country with all India membership of 34000 gynaecologists. FOGSI is a partner in numerous health care related activities of Central & State Governments of India Previously Dr. Rishma Pai has been the Senior Vice President of FOGSI in 2010, “I am at the peak of my career, when I say there are over 30,000 of us in the association, each one could rise to this position and in the sixty years of this federation, there have been so many wonderful President’s so to be one of them is a pretty fulfilling experience,” says Dr. Pai. She is also a consultant Gynaecologist at the Jaslok and Lilavati Hospitals, two of the best known and reputed hospitals in Mumbai. She is a Director of the “Everywoman Cliniq” at Kemps corner and Bandra which are comprehensive women’s surgical, psychological, diet and nutritional advice with the help of various specialists.

She grew up in Chandigarh and had a charmed childhood, with a natural inclination towards academics, she chose to become a doctor early on. Her family moved to Mumbai when her sister a popular actor, decided to pursue her film career. “We moved here for my sister Poonam and the first year was scary for me, but I always knew I wanted to make my own mark in life, no one knew who my sister was, this was intentional. I wanted to start from nothing and to see what I can make of myself, “ she says.

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