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Relaxation Redefined

WETSTYLE, a manufacturer of premium-quality bath fixtures and furnishings for the North American market, is proud to unveil three new collections that raise the bar on bathroom comfort and elegance.

Photos by WETSTYLE

For more than 30 years, WETSTYLE has been marrying original design and exceptional craftsmanship with the most environmentally friendly materials to manufacture design-driven soaking bathtubs, sinks, shower bases, and furnishings for the contemporary, rejuvenating bathroom environment.

The collections – MOOD, LAB and STELLÉ – introduce refined design elements from Pierre Bélanger and the WETSTYLE Design Lab that embody the essence of freshness and purity. “WETSTYLE is focused on contemporary product design that favours simplicity of forms and relevance to trending fashions,” notes Bélanger, Designer for WETSTYLE. “The result is the creation of timeless collections that adhere to our motto of durability, finesse, and quality.”

At the heart of MOOD’s sleek and fluid design, offsetting ellipses provide an infusion of aesthetic, functional, and structural elements to foster an ambiance of comfort and relaxation.

The soaking tub’s elliptical design adds functional deck space to the inviting tub, with a side rim storage shelf that immaculately blends into the tub’s refined appearance. Conceived in response to growing consumer demand for Zen-like relaxation, MOOD infuses a spa-like feel into home bathroom environments.

Beyond its functional design and soothing aesthetic qualities, MOOD’s incorporation of dual backrests offers the best of both worlds. With two different inclinations, MOOD invites you to sit back and indulge in a good book and a glass of wine or to fully recline and disconnect in the name of pure relaxation.

“The main concept behind the design is a marriage between the sensual curves of vertical walls and the rigidity of elliptical geometrics,” explains Pierre Bélanger. “Inverted, I see MOOD’s design like a gown from a grand ball of the Renaissance era…with nice hips!”

With its balanced shapes and refined curves, the elegant simplicity of MOOD blends seamlessly with either contemporary or traditional interiors. The soaking tub is available in a choice of matte or glossy finishes, with metal overflow trim available in satin brass, matte black, brushed nickel, or polished chrome.

Designed to exceed the demands and expectations of the modern bathroom, the dynamic LAB collection of soaking tubs and washbasins combines pragmatism with sensuality to rejuvenate any space. With its finely bevelled details, soft, subtle curves, and intentional inclinations, LAB redefines the standards of bathroom comfort and aesthetics.

“The inspiration behind the collection was a desire to create a product to accommodate space restraints, but without sacrificing on comfort and functionality,” says Bélanger. “By creating an angle on the periphery, we were able to maintain a finesse in the edges that makes the product appear more delicate, thin, and refined.”

Available in both freestanding and wall-adjacent models, the LAB collection was designed to meet the space requirements of any bathroom. The freestanding option serves as a focal point of the room, while the LAB-1 model also addresses an industry shortfall with convenient trap access for faucet servicing. The wall-adjacent model reduces the tub’s physical footprint and optimizes space for additional amenities.

The collection also features a complementary series of 6 washbasins, available in LAB ROUND or LAB SQUARE models designed for a variety of environments. The sensual curves of LAB ROUND sinks echo those of the collection’s soaking tubs, while LAB SQUARE sinks symmetrically and aesthetically integrate with WETSTYLE’s STELLÉ collection of pedestals.

Monolithic finishing touches

WETSTYLE’s STELLÉ collection introduces classical beauty to the modern home, with floor-mount vanities designed to embrace the LAB collection’s drop-in sinks. Inspired by historic monoliths, STELLÉ’s minimalist design converts that inspiration into compact, urban elegance that fits easily into any size of powder room or bathroom.

“The STELLÉ collection was designed for simplicity and finesse in conjunction with our LAB collection washbasins,” explains Bélanger. “Whether selected for a powder room, or as a grander statement for larger bathrooms, STELLÉ exudes the richness of its woods in the form of a timeless monolith.”

Handcrafted from responsibly-sourced hardwoods including oak, walnut, Mozambique, torrified eucalyptus, and matte lacquer, STELLÉ’s timeless offerings feature-rich and unique grain patterns, unparalleled by reconstituted woods or laminates. Further distinguishing the collection is its impeccable, industry-leading marine-grade finish, providing high-quality moisture resistance and durability.

Conscientious designs

Both the MOOD and LAB collections are designed to work with WETSTYLE’s Plug & Bathe™ overflow and plumbing connection system, providing integrated connectivity between tub walls and drains, and simplifying the installation and servicing of freestanding tubs.

Additionally, both collections are handcrafted from WETMAR BiO™, a robust, non-slip, heat-insulating material available in True High Gloss™, Matte and custom colour finishes. WETMAR BiO™ is an eco-friendly, thermo-insulating composite material that foregoes traditional petrochemical additives in lieu of natural ingredients.

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