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Passing into the light

This solar powered crematorium provides an ecologically-friendly pyre and draws on sustainable design.

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Photos by Margot Krasojević

The proposed design is located in Los Angeles, and taking inspiration from the piers, boardwalks and the dynamic coastline, the design attempts to create and reflect a dialogue with the experimental and progressive vibe of the area, as a place that has always inspired change and creativity. It is a natural neon-lit horizon juxtaposing and connecting the old and the new without judgment or scrutiny and has simply become a liberal canvas to explore diversity. The project offers a new typology mirroring the environment, people and the transient or ephemeral character of Los Angeles.

The concept of the crematorium is seen as an event production with a stream of projections customizing the ceremony itself and reflecting the individuality of the deceased. The ways of memorializing the dead are becoming more and more varied, and this crematorium offers all three services of turning the ashes into a tattoo, a concrete reef or even fireworks. Cremation has become more popular than burial as more people are living nomadic lives, and the manner in which cremains are incorporated into every day living rather than a plot in the ground is a reflection of the society we live in today.

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