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Making your own

Christian Alary broke barriers and launched his exceptional ski designs in the heart of France.

Photo courtesy: Thomas Lang

La Fabrique du ski designs, develops and manufactures high-quality skis in its own factory.

Thanks to an innovative, patented process which has no equal in the current ski industry, flexibility is key.

Unburdened from the pressure of mass production, La Fabrique du Ski relies on this disruptive process and focuses on know-how, using high-end materials for their products (each customisable to make it your own).

A short distribution channel, from the workshop to the customer, allows La Fabrique du Ski to offer exceptional products, entirely made in France, for an affordable price.

In 2013, then based in the United States while working for a renowned ski and snowboard brand, Christian Alary took the decision to launch his own brand, nested in the heart of the French Alps.

Despite a challenging local production environment and the complexities of the market for a newcomer, he was adamant he could make it. Which he did, overcoming resistance to change and daring to do things differently from A to Z.

He then partnered with Erik Arlen and Ludo Roth, founders of Paris-based ARRO studio.

Both designers have been working worldwide and share a multidisciplinary approach of design.

Enthused by the project, they became shareholders founders. Joining forces, they made it happen: in 2014, La Fabrique du ski was born.

Christian Alary’s experience combined to ARRO’s overall vision laid foundations for the brand.

The formula has proven them right; since then, International specialised press has awarded their skis on multiple occasions. Even the models names are suffused with playful rebellion: “Où tu veux quand tu veux”, “Quand la montagne s’en mêle”, or “Cherche-moi” poetically echoes the specificity of each model.

The adventure took a new turn when Marie Martinod joined the Fabrique du Ski and won her second silver medal at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games in Half-Pipe, after having previously won twice the X-Games.

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