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Luminous Extraordinaire

Vancouver's own international award-winning designer, Maurice Dery, and his team at Karice unveil their newest lighting creation, Olah Table Lamp.

Can illumination get any better than this? The anodized light gold finish blends in perfectly with the gold tones selected by interior designer, Aleem Kassam of Kalu Interiors in an upscale downtown Vancouver Condo project. Mounted on a stone side table, the lamp becomes a sculptural pieces of art.

Olah reveals the depths of refinement. Conceived from Karice's award-winning creations, Olah takes aesthetic inspiration from a previously designed wall sconce to being a new luminaire to life. The new table lamp marries technological innovation with sleek and sophisticated design. Like its predecessor (Olah Wall Sconce), the Olah table lamp illuminates on a ring without visible fasteners, giving a clean finished aesthetic. The light was conceived, created, and crafted by Maurice Dery and his team at Karice Enterprises.

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