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Celebrating the sunshine state

Le Méridien Goa, celebrates art history throughout the property and leaves you with a great cultural and travel experience.

Photos by Le Méridien Goa

Words by Aloysius D’souza

The only way to describe Le Méridien Goa, is to call it a marriage of art and history. The inspired attention to art history and stylistic elements, combined with the peaceful ambience and vibrant local cuisine, makes the hotel an overall great experience.

My family and I were guests of the hotel in the off-season month of September and were pleasantly surprised at how entertained we were throughout our stay. There were board games and activities available much to my son’s delight. However, the major highlight of the property is the art experience that shines through the minute you enter.

Drawing from the brand’s ethos centred around culture with a primary focus on arts; the design philosophy at Le Meridien Goa, Calangute is inspired by the enchanting history of the State. A walk through the hotel will reveal that the public spaces have been turned into art galleries and cultural nodes so guests can submerge themselves in the creative outpourings of Goa.

Art at the hotel is inspired by two defining settlers of Goa -Kunbi tribe (first settlers of Goa) and the arrival of the Portuguese into the state. Curated by the talented Partiksha Tayal of DecorArts, Delhi, the artworks are a contemporary interpretation of the time gone by.

Here is a round-up of all the wonderful art that the hotel boasts so the next time you stay at the property you can admire and take in the experience!

Arrival Art

A signature art element at all Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts is the ‘Arrival Art’ and at Le Meridien Goa, Calangute is a topographical map titled ‘Embarked by The Port’, which chronicles the arrival of the Portuguese. It captures the essence of discovery that led great men on their journey to a land of abundance – history, culture and resources; epitomizing its charm and splendour.

Le Meridien Hub Art

The art inspiration for the Hub is the everyday life of the Kunbi tribe – right from the tools they used to the exquisite ornaments they wore. The installation at the Hub depicts the tools the women used for farming.


Behind the concierge desk, is an elaborate artwork that showcases their signature tribal jewellery, utensils and tools they for farming and fishing. The artist has used sand as the backdrop and painted it blue to give it the coastal look.

Le Meridien Hub Elevators

The wall opposite the elevator is flanked by this large artwork that reinterprets the famous map – Plan De Goa, developed in 1750 by Bellin (Name of artist: Internet source, to be reconfirmed).

Longitude 73

Taking a cue from the chic vibe of this place – the artworks that adorn the wall are minimalistic and trendy. The gold lined silhouettes depict the various styles in which the Kunbi men tied their turbans, keeping functionality and their flare for style in mind. The backdrop used is inspired by the checker weave pattern that the Kunbi handloom is renowned for.

Jazz & Grills

The restaurant is a tribute to the Jazz culture of Goa. The artworks that adorn this place will be appreciated by every music enthusiast – patented drawings of musical instruments and an installation of speakers both old and new of every different size, to capture the essence of the space.

Reis Mago Pre Function Area

The artworks at the Pre-Function Area depict the reason most people visit Goa – for its beaches. The rolling waves are represented in a contemporary style.

Library Lounge

In keeping with the spirit of the Library Lounge, the artwork is a graphic representation of one of Goa’s iconic architectural structures – St. Agustine Ruins. Ponder over the architectural marvel that it is or read why it remains an unfinished structure, making this a perfect moment for discovery.

My personal favourite is the stunning piece at the Latest Recipe, which is an abstract depiction of ships on a voyage to draw parallel to culinary journey the guests will embark on once they dine at the restaurant. This hotel sits on the cusp of a cultural and enriching travel experience and if you’re in Goa to enjoy the sights, the weather, the sea-side views and want to stay in a property that truly celebrates the sunshine state, then this is it.

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