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We caught up with Vita Moderna, a brand synonyms with luxury homes, to understand their growth story and how the luxury market is coping with the pandemic.

Photos by Vita Moderna

Established in 2008, founded by the entrepreneurial duo of Akshay Adhalrao and Pritesh Modi, the firm works with leading architects and designers to create bespoke designs and living experiences.

How did you start Vita Moderna?

Indian homeowners have always wanted to give a touch of exclusivity to their

residences. Deep understanding of this essential aspect of the consumer mindset and

exposure to global brands through their professional backgrounds, Akshay Adhalrao and

Pritesh Modi had a strong conviction that a venture that brings foreign luxury brands to

Indian market would be a resounding success. Pritesh Modi came with his strong

knowledge of Italian wood coating industry and had seen the interior design and

furniture industry closely. While, Akshay Adhalrao has an entrepreneurial background of

handling foreign companies in his other venture which was well-versed with the

distribution and international trade part of the business.

What has been the growth story of the brand and what sets you apart?

In a little over decade, Vita Moderna has made a mark as a furniture and home décor

solutions company that has brought some of the marquee furniture brands to Indian

homes. Long standing association with brand partners like Flexform, MisuraEmme,

Reflex Angelo, Laurameroni and Glas Italia allow Vita Moderna to offer the very best of

Italian design to their discerning clients. Continually delivering on its promise of bespoke

experience, matching up to high standards set by renowned architects and designers and

full-service delivery capability from product selection to certified installation services

have been the hallmarks of its success.

Where do you source inspiration for your projects?

It is our underlying belief that Indian homeowners are at par with global counterparts

and deserve the very best for their homes. This belief has inspired us to seek the most

exclusive home décor products from the world of furniture, lighting fixtures and

accessories and bring them to Indian shores. Our work requires us to closely align with

creative vision of India’s most awarded and awe-inspiring designers which pushes us to

go beyond the convention.

What is the luxury client wanting in India today and how is their taste evolving?

The Indian consumer of luxury experiences is completely clued into the evolving global

trends and styles. Right now, they are on the lookout for products that resonate with

their personal style and have a certain element of bespoke in them. They wouldn’t

accept a product just because it’s a global bestseller. Their choice reflects something

that appeals to their own design aesthetic as well. At the same time, they are willing to

experiment and appreciate products that are built on the foundation of craftsmanship,

artistry and superior finish.

What comes next for Vita Moderna? How are you as a design team looking to navigate the lockdown?

We believe that we have immense potential to grow by catering to every need of our

clients. Vita Moderna is continually being sought after European brands to represent

and we are equally excited to expand our brand repertoire. In the days to come

many more home décor brands would be launched by us. Technology would be a big

game changer and we are using it effectively to communicate with our clients, partners

and team members. This lockdown has accelerated the usage of technology and we’ve

utilized collaboration tools to conduct client meetings and facilitate product trainings in

association with our brand partners. Going forward we are excited to adopt AR and VR

tools in engaging with our clients so that we reach a wider audience and are not limited

by physical boundaries.

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