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Be a happy soul!

Actor and wellness coach, Pooja Bedi talks to Luxe Code about her latest offering, Happy Soul, a health and wellness-focused brand.

Happy Soul is an E-Commerce health and wellness-focused lifestyle brand. The brand started as a company conducting workshops in positive personal transformation and was founded in 2015 by Pooja Bedi an actress, award-winning relationship columnist, talk show host, reality TV star and globally acclaimed personal transformation coach. In March 2019, The goodwill generated by the brand name was later leased to and amalgamated with Magicians of Wellness (India) LLP, a Partnership company constituted by Pooja Bedi founder of Happy Soul and Namrata Thakker, founder of Entrepreneur Excel. Pooja Bedi, born to two strong, celebrated, bohemian, celebrity parents have carved out a strong identity of her own.

Excerpts from an interview.

How are you keeping yourself positive during Covid times?

Happiness is a state of mind irrespective of circumstances. Be it the current pandemic, heartbreak, failure in your business venture, death of a loved one, we can’t control certain realities, but what we can control is our reaction and our attitude. For me, the most important thing is to always wear an optimistic hat and to be grateful for all the good things I do have in my life coupled with a beautiful vision of my future as I work steadily and constantly towards my goals. It is my dreams, my vision and my attitude of gratitude that keeps me buoyant and positive.

Tell us a bit about your new venture Happy Soul and why you started it?

Happy Soul is a culmination of my 10-12 years of study, experience and certifications in various fields like Usui and karuna reiki, heal your life, soul temple, magnified healing, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis courses like clinical hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis, behavioural resolution and so much more. It started as a series of workshops I conducted at events and online. In summary they are power-packed concise amalgamations of all these incredible courses weaving together science and metasciences, Quantum physics and Newtonian physics. The content is incredibly powerful and delivered through talks, powerpoint presentations, deep guided meditation tracks set to music, and some incredible videos. The objective was to simplify decades of study with an intention to empower and make people the happiest versions of themselves. The Happy Soul journey started with me wanting to help people change the way they view and react to the world. I look around and see people filled with negativity, sadness, pain, frustration, and unable to extricate themselves from it because they do not have the tools to do so. The workshop imparted skill sets, coping mechanisms, and changes on deep subconscious levels. The results and feedback has been outstanding.

Happy Soul later partnered with Magicians of wellness (India) LLP to get into a more corporate structure to introduce the incredible world of wellness to much larger audiences. Through retail and our ecommerce website we now give millions of people across India access to the best products and services in the world of healing and wellness under one umbrella. I call it a wellness wonderland.

What does the brand offer and how can customers benefit?

The Happy Soul brand is focussed on wellness in all forms, be it mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and that of our planet, as we strive for a chemical-free, organic, healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Every single dimension of wellness is covered in its best form through the most reputed healers, therapists and carefully curated products, while giving back to society and the environment. The brand also promotes the Vocal for local movement, Make in India and grassroots level organisations. So whoever buys into Happy Soul, buys into a whole community that is focussed on health and wellness of not just their own lives, but also of the planet, while helping uplift and empower people from the grassroots levels as well.

What are your personal wellness goals?

I always prefer doing things out of the box, and not follow routines which become boring. So just the other day I came across a lovely quote that read, ‘Happiness is the new rich, inner peace is the new success, health is the new wealth and kindness is the new cool’. I absolutely identify this way of thinking and love these new definitions that in every way are wellness mantras.

What lessons have you learnt through this pandemic about wellness?

The most important lesson that I learnt during this pandemic is that everything can be an opportunity. You can choose to ride a wave or be crushed under it. I have been incredibly busy leading a team, focussed on a venture to create a wonderful wellness wonderland, all through a pandemic. Every single decision you make and every single step you take in your life can be something positive no matter how negative the circumstances. What really matters is perspective and how you choose to live and take your life forward rather than focussing on the past and playing the victim in the present.

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