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Vocabulary Of Design

Powell & Bonnell launch new products that are driven by their philosophy of art and integrity.

Photo courtesy: Margaret Mulligan

Powell & Bonne announced the addition of ten new products to their furniture collection. Designed by firm Partners David Powell & Fenwick Bonnell there are also featured designs by Senior Designers Kiyoshi Sakurai & Albert Limshue, part of the talented team at Powell & Bonnell.

The new release includes two lounge chairs; the Strand Swivel Tilt Chair & the Exalto Lounge Chair. In addition, two new stools are being introduced, one a new take on the Nobi seating collection and the Impala Stool with its sleek stance. To round out new seating, the Belvedere Bench, based on the namesake console table, is a versatile statement piece.

Powell & Bonnell is also introducing the Atwood Desk with its exceptional combination of metal, wood & lacquer finishes as well as the very customizable Snow Dining Table featuring an accent leg among multiple legs. To complete offering of tables; the Trocadero Coffee & Cocktail Table’s feature the potential for multiple metal and surface finishes, as does the Habitat Table invoking the conjuring of Dutch Artist Piet Mondrian.

Established in 1990, under the creative direction of founders David Powell and Fenwick Bonnell, Powell & Bonnell is a multi talented design firm with a primary focus on high-end residences.

Driven by a philosophy to provide tailored, creative solutions of exceptional quality, this award winning company has become internationally recognized for the art and integrity displayed in their interior design services and collection of fine furnishings. Interiors are understated and luxurious and specifically suited to the lifestyle and desires of their clients while taking cues from the vocabulary of the architecture.

The hallmark of Powell & Bonnell is design perfection. When unable to find those perfect high quality items, Powell & Bonnell was inspired to create their own. 1996 saw the inception of the Powell & Bonnell line of furnishings, lighting and textiles. The widely celebrated product line is as equally understated and luxurious, allowing the quality of its fine Canadian craftsmanship and considered details to shine. Intended for residential and commercial application, the Powell & Bonnell collection of lighting, mirrors, seating, tables and textiles are available to the trade showrooms throughout Canada, USA and Mexico.

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