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Shades of nature

The Ramascieri Soligo team was drawn to a painting brand which uses traditional methods, to make natural, sustainable, environment-friendly, paints for beautifying any interior.

Photos by Pure & Original

The Ramacieri Soligo team is always on the lookout for original products, working diligently to find sophisticated, distinctive new items that match the company’s philosophy. The Montreal importer and retailer has specialized in ceramics for 50 years, expressing its unique design vision by offering clients a vast selection of superior-quality tiles, fixtures, finishing materials, accessories, and paints. The company is an industry leader thanks to its comprehensive approach to interior design.

While exploring different suppliers of lime-based paints, the team was especially impressed by Pure & Original. This family-owned Belgian company makes organic paints featuring rich natural pigments and a range of finishes.

“We create our beautiful paint with respect for human and nature, using only the best materials and natural pigments. And, of course, Pure & Original paints meet the most stringent environmental requirements. All of our paint is stained with 100% natural pigments, providing the most beautiful colours and a full, rich look, not to mention the perfect opacity. Marrakech Walls and Fresco Lime paint are even 100% mineral-based paints. Take a look at the factory where our paint is created in a sustainable, authentic way or get inspired by our colours and projects”, says Erwin Floor, Pure & Original.

In 2006, Pure & Original was started by Erwin Floor. Erwin and his wife were building their own house, their inspiration came from the Belgian-style rural homes. These houses had beautiful walls. Intense, deep colours with a soft touch, and a beautiful grey flow and different colour shades. After weeks of searching, this paint was found not to be available in the Netherlands. During a visit to Belgium, he discovered a small factory in Belgium that could fabricate the paint. A little later, the first pots arrived, and they could start painting. What a beautiful paint.The first stripes of Pure & Original were a fact.

Now, years later, the paint has been improved and expanded many times. Pure & Original offers a wide range of wall paint, lacquers, floorpaint, façade paint, and specials as primer and sealer. The best-known items are the Fresco lime paint, the Marrakech Walls concrete / Tadelakt look and Classico chalk-based paint. Thanks to this wide range, there is an appropriate paint for every room! The small factory in Belgium has to work hard to keep up with Pure & Original's big leaps forward. The beautiful products are currently available all over the world.

Using traditional methods, the brand makes 100% natural, sustainable, environment-friendly, and affordable alternative paints for beautifying any interior. Two of their collections were of particular interest to the team, these were Fresco and Marrakech both available in their stores.

Fresco has a unique matte finish and a subtle color palette. It creates a streaked or cloudy effect depending on brush motions during application. Tint variations occur naturally during drying, thanks to a reaction between the product’s ingredients and water. Unlike other products on the market, this lime-based paint is available in pre-mixed gallons and requires only a brush to apply.

Marrakech, based on a blend of lime and plaster, adds character and movement to a room. It has a matte-concrete or soft tadelakt appearance, making it an exciting part of any minimalist space. The Marrakech finish, which is also available premixed, is applied using brushes and trowels.

In addition to the Fresco and Marrakech collections, Ramacieri Soligo carries the Classico, Carazzo and Licetto collections by Pure & Original.

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