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Fizzy Goblet celebrates #Girlssupportgirls with Nanhi Kali 

Every child has a dream and every dream deserves a chance to live.

Wonder how? The concept is simple - 1 Gift Box for 1 Girl for 1 year’s education.

Each of these limited-edition gift boxes priced at INR 3990 is equal to the cost of educating a girl child for a full year.  Every gift box contains a Fizzy Goblet shoe of your choice, a Fizzy Goblet slipper and a tote bag in a special #girlssupportgirls print. 

The world around us has changed dramatically at an unprecedented scale. We know that school closures, particularly in the economically weaker sections of society due to crises like these, can significantly increase the dropout rates amongst girls. While boys are likely to get back to school, some girls may never return because they are forced to work, take up caregiving responsibilities or worse, marry early.

In an effort to ensure that India’s daughters continue to receive the education they deserve-especially during a pandemic, Fizzy Goblet has joined hands with an NGO called Nanhi Kali. The brand has created a gift box that will be launched for sale on

Speaking on the initiative, the founder of Fizzy Goblet Laksheeta Govil says, “The education of a child, especially a girl child is the first major step towards real change in India. I have always believed in Nanhi Kali and associated with them personally throughout the years, but with the impact of COVID, supporting their cause now is more important than ever before.”

Together let us empower beautiful minds to dream and live their dreams and forge real change for generations to come. Because that is the power of communities coming together to make a difference.

Nanhi Kali is amongst the few organisations that put the process into care and track the welfare of all the students. They are transparent about the progress of the pupils and are also work remotely with students to ensure that their school work is progressing.

(Check this link for more details)

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