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Design ideas for your home study

Working from home doesn't have to be mundane, here are design inputs by Baaya Design on how to spruce up your workspace at home.


Selection of the location: The selection of location largely depends on the format of the house. For instance, in apartments, the home office could be in one of the early bedrooms. Some people also carve out a public space in the living room that looks like a study which could either be open or separated by a screen. A semi-private cul de sac set aside from the living room works well for this purpose. It is also vital to keep in mind that the rest of the inmates are not disturbed. In a larger format house, the ground floor with a separate entrance works well for a room that sees a lot of light. Importantly, the location of the home office within the house should be such that the rooms should neither be too isolated nor too public and try to strike a balance.

Desk and chair: An ergonomically designed chair and desk are important and needs to be functional as well as aesthetic. Keep things compact, non-cluttered, simple and functional to get stability. A swivel chair is a way to zoom around a small office and even these can be made creatively. There is an explosion of natural textures coming back in rattan and such which are ergonomically well-designed. Creative individuals can opt for colourful pieces of furniture in shades of tinted wood and different finishes. If it is a home-office and you don't have outsourced help, all furniture pieces should be easy to clean.

Lighting : I personally like white lights when I work because it keeps my eyes cool and doesn't give me a burn. However, for stylistic reasons these can be alternated with a few yellow lights. Along with the functional lights, have a nice table light or hanging light.

Artwork: What very few people consider when they settle into their Work from Home life is that they are going to want to take a small break – a chance for them to look around, and just absorb their surroundings. Instead of staring into space, it is nice if the eyes can come to rest on a piece of art that really speaks to the individual. It really makes a difference to have nice artwork that you have chosen for yourself and that you individually like, which you will always find pleasing and keep finding new meaning in.

Shelves and Storage: Make provisions for adequate horizontal and vertical storage keeping in mind future requirements. Do remember to keep a lockable space for confidential files However, not everything needs to be kept out of view. For things that one may need access to frequently, put them at arm’s length. Additionally, pick a nice stationary organiser and do up your soft-board creatively. For instance, instead of a white board, write out your calculations, formulas, or big ideas on your window glass.

Personal touch: Add your unique and homely touch using accessories, fixtures and photos. The whole space needs to have the right balance of functionality, aesthetics and creativity. Accessories such as lamps, desktop organisers, table style add up to the creative look and should weave your story without adding clutter. I keep good luck charms and the national flag on my table because that is who I am.

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